Probabilistic analysis of truss structures with uncertain parameters (virtual distortion method approach)

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A new approach for probabilistic characterization of linear elastic redundant trusses with uncertainty on the various members subjected to deterministic loads acting on the nodes of the structure is presented. The method is based on the simple observation that variations of structural parameters are equivalent to superimposed strains on a reference structure depending on the axial forces on the elastic modulus of the original structure as well as on the uncertainty (virtual distortion method approach). Superposition principle may be applied to separate contribution to mechanical response due to external loads and parameter variations. Statically determinate trusses dealt with the proposed method yields explicit analytic solution in terms of displacements while redundant trusses have been studied by means of an asymptotic expansion exhibiting explicit dependence on parameter fluctuations. Probabilistic characterization of the response may then be obtained both for statically determinate and statically indeterminate stochastic trusses. © 2004 Published by Elsevier Ltd.
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Pages (from-to)321-329
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JournalProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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