Pro-Degradant Activity of Naturally Occurring Compounds on Polyethylene in Accelerate Weathering Conditions

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In this work, naturally occurring compounds, such as Vitamin E (VE) and Ferulic Acid (FA), at high concentrations, have been considered as pro-degradant agents for Low Density Polyethylene (PE). However, all obtained results using the naturally occurring molecules as prooxidant agents for PE have been compared with the results achieved using a classical pro-oxidant agent, such as calcium stearate (Ca stearate) and with neat PE. The preliminary characterization, through rheological, mechanical and thermal analysis, of the PE-based systems highlights that the used naturally occurring molecules are able to exert a slight plasticizing action on PE and subsequently the PE rigidity and crystallinity slightly decrease, while the ductility increases. To assess the pro-degradant activity of the considered naturally occurring compounds, thin films of neat PE and PE-based systems containing 2 and 3 wt.% Ca stearate, VE and FA have been produced and subjected to accelerated weathering upon UVB light exposure. All obtained results point out that the VE and FA, at these high concentrations, exert a clear pro-oxidant activity in PE and this pro-oxidant activity is very similar to that exerted by Ca stearate. Moreover, the VE and FA at high concentrations can be considered as suitable eco-friendly pro-degradant additives for PE, also in order to control the polyolefin degradation times.
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