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[automatically translated] This paper reflects on the Edificio 14 places of the Campus of the University of Palermo, by Pasquale Culotta, Giuseppe Laudicina, Bibi Leone, Tilde Marra, built as the seat of the faculty of architecture. Some teachers, over the most recent years, have chosen this building as an object of attention and exercise of their teaching. The students, in this way, were able to experience it as an instrument of knowledge to look with renewed wonder, to the discovery of forms and relationships of its architecture. It has made them available to the understanding of forms in space, and also to cause amazement as its inherent virtues, which happily coexists with the whole educational process funzionale.Nel program,
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationArquiteturas-Imaginadas: Representação Gráfica Arquitetónica e “Outras Imagens”. Desenho [...] Cidade [...] Eu. (número 3)
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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