Politiche di gestione e valutazione nel turismo sostenibile. I casi dell’agro ericino e delle tonnare di Scopello

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[automatically translated] The goal of the study is to highlight the critical and substantial aspects of the ways of management and evaluation implemented in the territorial transformation processes with specific reference to the field of sustainable tourism, analyzing a territorial reality in Sicily. The case chosen by Scopello Tonnare of the Agro-Ericino territory in the province of Trapani, is inserted in an environment and landscape of remarkable attractiveness. The management mode adopted is not aligned to traditional Sicilian tourism policies. It is a fragile tourist resource that could easily suffer the loss of the specific identity values because of the pressures of coastal tourism. The case, described at different levels of scale, It was also chosen based on the possibility of the direct involvement of the protagonists in the proposed research. Aspects of management through across the board the issues of urban planning and land on the integration background to the issues of economic planning in the different ways of tourist use of local resources by institutions and stakeholders. The conclusions highlights the specific contribution of spatial planning to tourism especially from the perspective of resource management: despite the limitations of the approaches and of the attention focused on the physical aspects, both institutions and the tourism business, while focusing on the centrality tourism is the tourist,
Original languageItalian
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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