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[automatically translated] PMA AND FORENSIC BIOLOGY IN AID OF PUBLIC MINISTRY Carra E., Christmas MV Department of Biomolecular Sciences Molecular Technologies (STEMBIO) - University of Palermo edifio 16, Avenue of Scienze.- As part of activity of the Judicial Authority has commissioned an inventory of the contents of drums for cryopreservation of gametes and embryos subject to seizure and kept at the premises of four reproductive biology centers to "check their compliance with hard copy and electronic records acquired to acts ". Is made, also, necessary genetic analysis of biological material, consisting of human embryo degenerated and the reconstruction of the route of the gametes and / or embryos of patients who received medically assisted reproduction treatments to "highlight any significant irregularities in accordance with current legislation on LDCs". This is the first commissioned surveys on the national territory who see the forensic biologist engaged in one of the frontier fields of medicine linked to new technologies. With the pronouncement of the consultation in May 2009, in fact, the system of Law nr. 40/2004 has not changed. You can create embryos only for purposes of procreation and remain prohibitions to their cryopreservation, suppression and selection purposes eugenics. The number of embryos to be created remains the "strictly necessary" and your doctor will decide case by case, that number "absolutely necessary." They remain exceptions to cryopreservation, with greater attention to the protection of women's health. By recording the number of baskets, the jonc, the sequins and the information given was carried out a census of the contents of the cryogenic drums (oocytes, semen, embryos); However, the sheer size of the documentation required in the seizure of properly defining the number of gametes and cryopreserved embryos for specific patient pairs. Programs were created for remediation of all customers dell'anagrafica tables acquired Access file to obtain a Master Table to identify, among the various databases of BDR centers, one corresponding to them and updated to the date of the seizure. He then proceeded to a 2 ° census of cryogenic drums preparing, to verification, forms throughout the cryopreserved material. They showed discrepancies. Genetic analysis was conducted on human embryo cryopreserved and crioscongelato irreversibly compromised in the development, acquired the seizure within sequins. At microscopy it was not identified any embryo inside the capillary, but the mode adopted for the recovery of the content of it has contributed to the success of the molecular analysis. Preliminarily, however, it made use of biological model animal to evaluate the extent to which the cellular degeneration level it could prevent the recognition microscopy. The analysis of biological sample cards, medical records, IVF registers, etc .. united computerization of individual findings for the board type (data pick up, women, men, total oocytes, technical, mature oocytes, semen, embryos, oocytes discarded, discarded embryos, frozen eggs, frozen embryos, transferred embryos, doctor, biologist , analysis, notes) allowed the reconstruction of route commissioned by highlighting the modus operandi of health in contravention of articles 13 and 14 of Law nr. 40/2004 cit ..
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