Pietre figurate. Forme del fantastico e mondo minerale

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[automatically translated] The figured stones are special mineral sections showing wonderful designs, capable of evoking the imagination of man plants and animals, but also landscapes or geometric patterns. From antiquity to the twentieth century figured stones have changed several times ontological status. They were considered collectibles, of prodigiosità emblems or curiosity; works of art attributed to nature or to a supreme creator, in competition with the works of artists; They were finally covered as caskets and guardians of a secret revealed in the "writing stone", together, underground and overt. The book is devoted to the study of mineral imaginary forms, particularly in the twentieth century (A. Breton, J. Baltrusaitis, G. Bachelard, R. Caillois), interested in shedding light on the links between the visual arts and arts of speech, between image maps and intangible images, and on difficult transits and essential complementarity between the language of images and that of writing. In particular, this happens thanks to the analysis of ekphrasis of nature, that is, the literary descriptions of the stone images, which, renewed interest to collectors for minerals and revitalization of aesthetic reflection on the beautiful natural conditions, reported in the spotlight .
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)88-467-1038-X
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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