Piano, progetto e bellezza. Processi di trasformazione urbana della costa di Palermo

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Never before have the great Italian cities seem affected by the lack and / or the search for their beauty. Cities like Milan or Naples feed, especially in some of their parts, the diffusion of images of the cultural change underway. Rome, albeit afflicted by severe problems regarding waste and maintenance of the public good, remains the 'Eternal City' that can offer its immense endowment of cultural heritage even without any management organization. Palermo (2016-2018) is in the optimal condition of national capital of culture and of hosting the 'Manifesta' nomadic Biennale, now in its twelfth edition. The contribution seeks to highlight the basic conditions of the cultural and environmental resources of what the Administration intends to offer as a primary asset: the coast and the cultural and environmental contexts directly and indirectly correlated both in a physical-spatial sense and in a symbolic and narrative. The view of the sea in front of the city of Palermo is not a trivial fact: it is the conquest of a right of citizenship that has long been denied and not yet fully used. In the paragraphs are illustrated: some notable aspects of the instrumentation for the governance of the coastal territory, considerations on the effects in cultural terms of the lack of or insufficient government of the coast. In the conclusions, the contribution indicates the need for full sharing of the hypotheses of urban generation and regeneration in consideration of the high level of complexity both of the instrumentation and disciplinary approaches to be considered and of the often conflicting expectations of the actors involved in the ongoing social innovation process .
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationLa bellezza è di tutti. paesaggi costieri da comprendere, rigenerare e abitare
Number of pages35
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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