Piano Nazionale Lauree Scientifiche – Fisica: un percorso di laboratorio sulle tematiche energetiche

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[automatically translated] The earthquake occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011 has reopened the debate on energy as a central element of the company 'modern development. The teaching experience on energy issues, gained in Palermo as part of the National Plan Scientific Degrees - Physics (PLS-Physics), fits into this context. We propose a training laboratory course on energy issues in order to stimulate the physics teachers to bring in the classroom and in the laboratory these topics and thus contribute 'to raise awareness that students have regard to renewable energy sources, but also with regard to sources based on fossil fuels and nuclear power. The proposals experiences were chosen for both their conceptual value both for their simple construction, designed to quantitatively study the energy transformation processes. *** The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan Subsequent to March 11, 2011 gave rise again to a world-wide debate on the energy sources as a central issue for the development of the human society. The experience on the topics energy, Gained at the University of Palermo in the framework of the National Plan Luree Scientific - Physics (PLS-Physics) (National Plan for Scientific Degrees - Physics), can be naturally integrated into this larger context. We proposed a laboratory pedagogical path to stimulate physics teachers to introduce the energy concept by discussing the issue of renewable, fossil and nuclear energy sources. The activity can raise the awareness of students on this very important issue. We propose easy, but conceptually well-based,
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Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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