Phytosociological characterization of the Juniperus phoenicea L. subsp. turbinata(Guss.) Nyman formations in the Italo-Tyrrhenian Province (MediterraneanRegion)

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The Juniperus phoenicea subsp. turbinata formations of the Italo-Tyrrhenian biogeographical province (Mediterranean Region), are analyzed onthe basis of literature data and unpublished relevés. The floristic-synecological characterization of the identified phytocoenoses, confirmed by multivariate analysis on a synoptic basis, has allowed their breakdown in four different alliances of the order Pistacio lentisci-Rhamnetalia alaterni:1) Periplocion angustifoliae, with the association Periploco angustifoliae-Juniperetum turbinatae; 2) Juniperion turbinatae, with the associationsJunipero turbinatae-Quercetum calliprini, Rusco aculeati-Quercetum calliprini, Phillyreo angustifoliae-Juniperetum turbinatae, Asparago albi-Juniperetum turbinatae, Asparago acutifolii-Juniperetum macrocarpae subass. juniperetosum turbinatae; 3) Oleo sylvestris-Ceratonion siliquae,with the associations Oleo sylvestris-Juniperetum turbinatae, Chamaeropo humilis-Juniperetum turbinatae, Euphorbio characiae-Juniperetumturbinatae, Teucrio fruticantis-Juniperetum turbinatae, Calicotomo infestae-Juniperetum turbinatae and Ampelodesmo mauritanici-Juniperetumturbinatae; 4) Ericion arboreae, with the only association Erico arboreae-Juniperetum turbinatae. The following new syntaxa are also described: a) Oleo sylvestris-Juniperetum turbinatae loniceretosum implexae subass. nova (various coastal localities of Corsica); b) Calicotomo infestae-Juniperetum turbinatae typicum (southern and western coasts of Sicily) and phlomidetosum fruticosae subass. nova (coasts of southern Calabria);c) Ampelodesmo mauritanici-Juniperetum turbinatae ass. nova, in turn diversified in the myrtetosum communis subass. nova (Calabrian-Lucaniancoastal belt, at Maratea, and Sorrentine-Amalfitana Peninsula, in Campania) and cistetosum cretici subass. nova (located in the hinterland of Sicily, on Sicani Mountains).
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JournalPlant Sociology
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