Physical dispersion and disappearance of bacteria in the Golfo di Palermo: the results of two surveys.

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This paper reports on some results of two surveys at sea carried out in the surroundings of a urban wastewater discharge on the coast of the Golfo di Palermo, western Sicily (Italy). At the time of the surveys (year 2005) the stretch of water lying before the central part of the capital town received the untreated wastewater originating from about 200 000 inhabitants, which was discharged on-shore without any prior treatment by the free-surface outfall of “Porta Felice main sewer”.This outfall has crucial importance in the water quality; indeed, the Municipality is steadily implementing a plan featuring an intercepting main sewer along the coast and some pumping stations to connect all the main sewers to the main wastewater treatment plant, located in the SE boundary area of the town. At the moment of the surveys, however, no mitigation measure had been applied yet and the quality of the Gulf was still largely affected by it.Part of the Sanitation Plan was the characterization of the seawater; to this aim, in August and November, 2005, the Università degli Studi di Palermo - on behalf of the Municipality’s Ufficio del Centro Storico - carried out two survey cruises in which the most important seawater quality features were investigated. What will be reported on herein is the part dealing with microbiological indicators, taking the salinity field as background.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012


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