Photocatalytic conversion of glucose in aqueous suspensions of heteropolyacid-TiO2 composites.

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Commercial and home prepared TiO2 samples were functionalized with a commercial Keggin heteropolyacid (HPA) H3PW12O40 (PW12) or with a hydrothermally home prepared K7PW11O39 salt (PW11). All the materials were characterized by specific surface area measurements (BET), XRD analyses, Raman, DRS along with SEM observations and they have been used for glucose photocatalytic conversion in an aqueous suspension. Different reaction extents and distribution of intermediate oxidation products were observed depending on the photocatalyst. Gluconic acid, arabinose, erythrose and formic acid were observed as oxidation products when bare TiO2 or HPA/TiO2 composite materials were used. Glucose isomerization to form fructose was also observed and in some runs traces of glucaric acid and glyceraldehyde were also found. The carbon mass balance was accomplished in the presence of the commercial Evonik P25 TiO2 powder and the composites where TiO2 was present, whereas the presence of the solvothermically prepared TiO2 gave rise to a carbon unbalance, due to strong adsorption of the products on the photocatalyst surface. No reactivity was observed in the presence of PW12 alone while PW11 induced only isomerization of the glucose.
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JournalRSC Advances
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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