Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Chronic Total Occlusions in Patients With Low Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction

Alfredo Ruggero Galassi, Oliver Gaemperli, Ibrahim Akin, Michael Behnes, Alfredo R. Galassi, Kambis Mashayekhi, Marouane Boukhris, Aurel Toma, Thomas F. Lüscher, Zied Ibn Elhadj, Lobna Laroussi, Alfredo R. Galassi, Franz J. Neumann

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AbstractObjectivesThe study sought to assess the outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of chronic total occlusions (CTOs) in patients with low left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) (≤35%).BackgroundData regarding the outcome of PCI in patients with low LVEF affected by CTO are scarcely reported.MethodsThe authors performed a prospective longitudinal multicenter study including consecutive patients undergoing elective PCI of CTOs. Patients were subdivided into 3 groups: group 1 (LVEF ≥50%), group 2 (LVEF 35% to 50%), and group 3 (LVEF ≤35%).ResultsA total of 839 patients (mean 64.6 ± 10.5 years of age, 87.7% men) underwent CTO PCI attempts. Baseline LVEF ≤35% was present in 72 (8.6%) patients. The angiographic success was high (overall 93.6%) and similar among the 3 groups (93.5% vs. 94.4% vs. 91.7%, respectively; all p = NS). In group 3, no periprocedural complications of CTO PCI were observed. Mean clinical follow-up of 16.3 ± 8.2 months duration was available in 781 (93.1%) patients including those with LVEF ≤35%. At 2 years, major cardiac and cerebrovascular events (MACCE) free survival was similar in the 3 groups (86% vs. 82.8% vs. 75.2%; all p = NS). In patients with LVEF ≤35%, LVEF improved significantly in the presence of a successful CTO PCI from 29.1 ± 3.4% to 41.6 ± 7.9% (p < 0.001).ConclusionsIn CTO patients with low LVEF, PCI could represent a safe and effective revascularization strategy achieving good midterm outcome and LVEF improvement.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2158-2170
Number of pages13
JournalJACC: Cardiovascular Interventions
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine


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