Pentiti. I Collaboratori di giustizia, le Istituzioni, l'opinione pubblica

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[automatically translated] Because repentant repent? And what they think the Sicilians of repentance? These two questions, apparently very different, have instead a close correlation between them. In a context in which the communication strategies of the major criminal organizations are oriented to minimize the value of the verbal exchange, emphasizing the symbolic potential of the gestures, the looks, the unsaid, it has always been considered crucial the choice of silence. As well as the violation of the rule imposing it tells you a malaise, a fracture which inevitably affects the livelihood of the entire organization. The book edited by Alessandra Dino looks at the phenomenon of reformed terrorists with a view to reaching, historical, sociological, legal: only in this way it is possible to assess how the change introduced by the breaking of rules omertose influenced not only on the structure of criminal networks, but also on civil society and the institutions of our South. A reconstruction of the complex legislation on pentitismo and the historical background in which the institute collaborators of justice has imposed on the maxi trial times, followed by a field survey, which returns the widespread perception and judgment on the ambivalent figure of the repentant mafia. Through a series of questions addressed to different persons by age, sex, education, political orientation, and residents in the nine provinces of Sicily,
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)88-6036-095-1
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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