Parole in gioco. Saperi e sapori nell'antropologia post-geertziana

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[automatically translated] Taking the start from an analysis of the rhetoric of some texts by Clifford Geertz and then emphasizing certain peculiar continuity between nodes interpretive anthropology geertziana and varied postmodernist trend that just in it, despite the mutual polemics, is significant roots, this wise to take into account but from his particular perspective and with the playful tone that already flaunts his title, central issues of contemporary anthropological debate, finally focusing on some topical places of postmodernist language and on its making setting logic indicator that underpins it. In the critical effects that the strand "postmodernist" contemporary anthropology have been raised, not only against the "positivist" approach anthropology but also against monologism interpretative monographs Geertz, it is not enough to conceal the entrenched filiation from contemplative and historifying logic implicit in anthropological positivism as well as, more surreptitiously, in the same interpretativismo geertziano. On the other hand the "reconstruction" of anthropology, which for years now struggles, first of all supposed to not fall into the trap of a false and misleading opposition: either you are, in the end, (the Old) positivists or waive any pretension of anthropology to constitute itself as a "knowledge", a discipline specialisticamente intended to build "knowledge" and able to account for and critically investigate societies and cultures.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationLe parole dei giorni. Scritti per Nino Buttitta
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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