PAOLO DI VITA 規則和/或情感 / PAOLO DI VITA, the rule and/or the emotion

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Paolo Di Vita is - if we would try to describe him with an adjective - a discreet graphic designer, and this is a quality which distinguishes not just his work but also his temperament. In this sense, the two spheres of his private and professional life, well match and permeate each other, generating a harmonious coherence, outlining a figure with a definite concept of ethics and responsibility. The appearence doesn’t play a secondary role, on the contrary it helps us enter and understand its design universe, where there is no place for formalisms, fleeting trends, flattering or winking ways. Every element used, whether color, shape, font or image, is wisely proportioned, as a chef would do in dosing the ingredients for the preparation of dishes which don’t have an instant generous impact with the palate, but need some time before yielding up themselves, letting be slowly savoured. Similarly, Paolo Di Vita works sometimes present an exterior roughness , a sort of barrier which prevents the observer from an immediate involvement, as they don’t always allow an easy grasp and demand a further effort in order to fully understand besides what’s shown on the surface, also what’s in a more hidden level, where a network of connections establishes on the paper support strong tension moods, which sometimes are made visible by broken lines, cuts and scratches.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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