Palermo città delle Culture. Contributi per la valorizzazione di luoghi e architetture

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[automatically translated] The courageous and ambitious application of the city of Palermo in the European Capital of Culture has called the entire community to wonder about the actual conditions and the immediate prospects of the city's culture, and together on the deep meaning of the term seen from different angles. Beyond the widely overused rhetoric on Sicily "melting pot of races and cultures", referring primarily to the contribution of the people who in different eras have left on this earth physical and intangible signs that are mixed with each other so often wonderful and unusual, in this headquarters only touch on some points of the vast area which includes the territory of Palermo and artifacts that confront it, especially the architecture of the urban environment that help to determine the appearance and quality. As our city composite shows for cohabitation, mestizo and meetings of social worlds, ethnic, intellectuals among them so different as to be irreconcilable at times, so in our disciplines culture can only be an instrument of knowledge and comparison, but also to report available to those cues (that exist even if not always manifest) which extend in different directions. Along with the certainties gained for a long time, it is increasingly necessary to leave the space to give voice to "cultures" neighboring, but substantially different in approach, process and purpose: to stimulate the curiosity that can be translated into useful ideas to improve the city and the everyday life of the community that lives and lives, by improving environmental quality, to a more efficient and attractive tourist use, but also to greater sustainability of current assets. This interpretation, which relates the research in the fields with physical reality, social and economic of the city of Palermo and the community that lives, is at the origin of this book containing the contributions of most of the components of section "Design and construction" of the Department of Architecture of our university. In addition to structured components and still in service, it was decided to open to teachers recently retired and went to a good number of young people who have completed their training in our classrooms with doctoral grants or research contracts. It came out a book that contains 37 short essays united by the bond formed by the overall theme (and intentionally generic) "Palermo-Culture-Architecture", conjugated by each author according to their scientific interests and their own feelings, embracing aspects among them very different and manifestly not homogeneous. We have tried to group the items in greater affinity sufficiently recognizable chapters, emblematic titles of "Heritage", "Exploitation", "Project" and "Management", while being aware of the broad overlapping bands between chapters, inevitable and some very large cases. For example the term "project", taken literally, could fit on almost all the contributions in the book, but on this occasion it was decided to award him the prevailing meaning of "design concept of the new architecture." The historical and artistic heritage, of which the city is particularly rich, some articles suggest urban routes to discover some lesser known specificity, others will analyze the characters of originality, the underground rooms and rooms of the sirocco to smaller theaters, for constructive or stylistic episodes emblematic. A particular interest is shown for searches on improving the fruition of monumental heritage: the intelligent use of suitable materials and tools to communication, artificial lighti
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