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ABSTRACf - Steri Palace of Palermo; Wooden Ceiling of the "Sala Magna ",Phytosanitary Survey.The Steri Palace (from Hosterium = fortified residence) of Palermo was built inthe early fourteenth century, exactly from 1307 to 1320, it was Chiaramonte'sfamily residence.Later, it became the seat of the viceroy of Sicily (from 1412 to 1577), of theDirector of the Royal "Magna Curia", and Royal Customs (until 1698), of theInquisition Tribunal (from 1701 to 1792), of the Judicial offices and Customoffices (from 1800 to 1958). Today it is the Centre of the Chancellor's offices ofthe University of Palermo. It contains several interesting cultural heritage artefacts,including the beautiful decorated wooden ceiling of the "Sala Magna".The ceilings structures were investigated in order to know the state of preservation.Several attacks due to Anobiidae and Cerambycidae beatles as well asIsoptera such as Kalotermitidae and Rhinotermitidae were found. The entomologicattack was in the primary and secondary beams and in the decorated panels.The possible causes of the establishment and development of the speciesresponsible for the deterioration and the extent of the damage suffered by supportingstructures (primary and secondary beams) and decorated panels areexamined. Particularly, termites infestation, was taken into account because itwas the main reason of biodeterioration. In this particular instanceReticulitermes lucifugus (Rossi), the most worrying termites species, was especiallyinvestigated with regard to the other entomologic entities found in thesame monument. In the Ceiling attacks are found in the beams and in the panelsof the north-east and south-west zones. The termite infestations are relativelyrecent and they are located on the wooden materials introduced with the lastrestorations, which were carried out in the seventies of the past century. Thecontrol methods are described and the defence methods to create hostilemicroclimatic conditions for survival of the termite colonies. According to thispurpose some essays for a better conservation and maintenance have beenperformed in a zone among two of the 24 existing beams in the Ceiling inorder to show the good practice for the safeguard of this precious artefact.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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