ORGANIZZAZIONE E COMUNICAZIONE DELL'AZIONE AMMINISTRATIVA. Le norme sul procedimento e la comunicazione pubblica in una prospettiva organizzativa

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[automatically translated] The book is structured as follows. In the first section sets out some basic concepts to understand how and why they act and communicate public organizations. For this purpose are covered terms such as public administration, needs and general interests, political and administrative action, public and organizational communication. The second and third chapters are devoted to the analysis of exchange between public organizations and environmental reports considered paramount to understand the demands for change collected and promoted by the legislature. The second chapter deals with, in particular, the concept of access to administrative activity declined not only, as is the law, ability to know how the administrative documentation but also as a broader condition of permeability of the public administrations (BUSINESS logistics, knowledge of services and right of entry). The third chapter is devoted to participation. Explains the social phenomena that have favored the formation of the demand for citizen participation in political life and of the administrative state, the institutional forms and implications of the investment for marketing and the organization of public administrations. The fourth and fifth chapter are devoted to the analysis of the internal relations of public organizations. The fourth chapter analyzes, in particular, the figure of the head of the procedure. Subject of study is the analysis of the factors that lead to empower people to the workplace and that promote an organizational system empowering treasuring the most relevant contributions of the theory of organization and human resources. The fifth and final chapter of the book is dedicated to simplify administrative processes. On this subject, the organizational analysis has a long tradition of research coming from the experiences of reengineering and mana-gement of that occurred in the private sector organizational processes. They present some guidelines that can formulate and implement organizational strategies consistent with the principles of simplification pursued by the legislature. All five chapters present some common sections on the following topics: (A) examination of the existing regulatory framework as regards both the administrative procedure leading to public communication; (B) the analysis of the functions of information technology and communication for action and public communication; (C) the discussion of the main issues raised by the topics under discussion.
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)978-88-464-8933-3
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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