On the left ventricular remodeling of patients with stenotic aortic valve: A statistical shape analysis

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The left ventricle (LV) constantly changes its shape and function as a response to patho-logical conditions, and this process is known as remodeling. In the presence of aortic stenosis (AS), the degenerative process is not limited to the aortic valve but also involves the remodeling of LV. Statistical shape analysis (SSA) offers a powerful tool for the visualization and quantification of the geometrical and functional patterns of any anatomic changes. In this paper, a SSA method was devel-oped to determine shape descriptors of the LV under different degrees of AS and thus to shed light on the mechanistic link between shape and function. A total of n = 86 patients underwent computed tomography (CT) for the evaluation of valvulopathy were segmented to obtain the LV surface and then were automatically aligned to a reference template by rigid registrations and transformations. Shape modes of the anatomical LV variation induced by the degree of AS were assessed by principal component analysis (PCA). The first shape mode represented nearly 50% of the total variance of LV shape in our patient population and was mainly associated to a spherical LV geometry. At Pearson’s analysis, the first shape mode was positively correlated to both the end-diastolic volume (p < 0.01, R = 0.814) and end-systolic volume (p < 0.01, and R = 0.922), suggesting LV impairment in patients with severe AS. A predictive model built with PCA-related shape modes achieved better perfor-mance in stratifying the occurrence of adverse events with respect to a baseline model using clinical demographic data as risk predictors. This study demonstrated the potential of SSA approaches to detect the association of complex 3D shape features with functional LV parameters.
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