On the Evaluation of Images Complexity: A Fuzzy Approach (revised and expanded)

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The inherently multidimensional problem of evaluating thecomplexity of an image is of a certain relevance in both computer sci-ence and cognitive psychology. Computer scientists usually analyze spa-tial dimensions, to deal with automatic vision problems, such as feature-extraction. Psychologists seem more interested in the temporal dimensionof complexity, to explore attentional models. Is it possible, by mergingboth approaches, to define an more general index of visual complexity?We have defined a fuzzy mathematical model of visual complexity, usinga specific entropy function; results obtained by applying this model topictorial images have a strong correlation with ones from an experimentwith human subjects based on variation of subjective temporal estima-tions associated with changes in visual attentional load, which is alsodescribed herein
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Publication statusPublished - 2006


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