On the dynamics of confined particles: a laser test

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Reduced dimensionality systems (RDS) are materials extending along one or two dimensionsmuch more than the other(s). The degrees of freedom of the small dimension are not exploredby the electrons since their energy is very large. The time dependent wave function of aparticle in a short nanotube, taken as a paradigm of the RDS family, is calculated by solvingthe Klein–Gordon equation; the confining condition produces a small change in the mass ofthe particles and of the energy levels. These changes are of relativistic origin and thereforesmall, but can be measured by use of a weak resonant laser field which produces cumulativeeffects in the time development of the wave function. The shift of the energy of the levels arewithin today’s spectroscopy capacity.
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JournalLaser Physics Letters
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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