Oltre la rigenerazione urbana. Per un futuro di lunga durata

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The proposal Casa-Bottega developed gave by MI.NA research group gives the opportunity to explore the construction of a possible urban setting for the Rogoredo-Santa Giulia-Forlanini area. It deals whit a recurrent topic -the work-home- in the definition of design strategies for reusing and recoveryng abandoned production compartments due to their level of obsolescence. The disposal of the industrial heritage of the last century generates large abandoned enclosures in the European cities. The so-called urban voids, in which architects have expressed themselves through refunctionalization projects by proposing a new functions. The identified solutions for the recovery of these areas link to the identification of new functions related to the Industry 4.0 phenomenon, smaller than the size of the heavy industry sectors and able to match with the urban scale of the block. The “Casa-Bottega” proposed has been reinterpreted by analyzing the medieval housing typology of the “lotto gotico”. The reference to a housing model of the past is potentially justified by the close relationship between “project” and “make” that characterizes Industry 4.0. Furthermore, the new housing paradigm of “Casa-Bottega” replaces the cultural model of the modern city - whose system separates the different functions - exploring new forms of contemporary living, allowing the functions of living to alternate seamlessly spatially and resulting in a functional mixitè between living and working time.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationProgettare in vivo la rigenerazione urbana
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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