Oltre il dilemma monismo/dualismo: l’ontologia non riduzionista della coscienza nel naturalismo biologico di John Searle

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[automatically translated] The report aims to test the fertility of the naturalist and anti-reductionist ontology model of consciousness developed by John Searle in the light of its ability to overcome the seemingly inevitable dilemma monism / dualism. The searleana position reveals his trust in his ability to overcome the conceptual aporias which would seem to expose some of the most advanced contemporary theoretical proposals on the ontology of consciousness, with reference in particular to the proposals drawn up by Dennett and Chalmers in key eliminativist and dualist respectively . It also analyzes the searleana proposal as to its ability to offer a convincing solution to the causal exclusion dilemma developed by Kim, by which the reductionist positions achieved a strengthening in the recent philosophical debate. It also considers the possibility of expanding the scope of the search not only the historiographical reconstruction of the naturalist and anti-reductionist line of thought within which Searle operates, with particular attention to the work of Locke, but also to test the fertility of the proposal in the light searleana the most recent developments in neuroscience, aimed at replacing the atomistic and reductionistic paradigm (typical example of Crick) with holists models developed by Edelman and Tononi, and the evolution of the effectiveness study of consciousness by identifying elements within self field of consciousness holistically structured (Damasio).
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Publication statusPublished - 2006

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