"O corte a Dio". Prime architetture barocche a Bagheria: villa Branciforti Butera

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[automatically translated] More than forty years ago Margherita De Simone systematized the baroque villas of Palermo in a schedule of typological forms and schemes and posed the Bagheria Villa Branciforte in the cycle matrix. Long burdened by linguistic prejudices, judged idiomatic and vernacular because outside of accredited guidelines of the Italian Baroque, to prevent commissioning value, as for so many songs of the Sicilian architecture of the seventeenth century, were the lack of documented studies and adequate interpretative codes. These theoretical horizons from which moved the essay, dedicated to one of the oldest and largest Bagheria villas, founded in the sixties of the seventeenth century by Giuseppe Branciforte of Raccuja Count. The study traces the history of the factory through the archival support and reveals its polysemic nature: farmhouse transformed into a villa; Villa and also the castle, which will become the baronial palace and the matrix of a village. Borgo destined to become cities. 'COURT OR TO GOD, "was the verse, tract dell'Erminia between the shepherds of the rate with which Joseph flattered the visitor and welcoming him as a whole, making it part of a fiction of which the same Earl was director and actor: the Villa was not refugium, but a place of otium and negotium, satellite of the Palermo court and rhetorical tool with which to implement an ambitious political and dynastic self-promotion. The search is on architecture but also on the actors (client and heirs, craftsmen, master builders and artists craftsmen) and the paper models and stone taken in the design stage and aristocratic status evocative. The book reviews the different architectural ages, focusing on seventeenth-century stage and on a reform started later in the season the villas forwarded, who returned to the small central courtyard through an intervention led to architectural and urban scale. Only the swan song of a factory in the following decades will be doomed to degradation and which, in the sixties of the twentieth century, will start the baroque lot of plane
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PublisherPlumelia Edizioni
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ISBN (Print)978-88-89876-17-6
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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