Nuove, condensate riflessioni sull’apporto della comparazione alla scienza giuridica

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The essay recalls the fundamental contribution to the developmentof comparative law in Italy that the 1979 Turin conference of the Italian Associationof Comparative Law (AIDC) gave, mainly through the presentationsby Gino Gorla and Rodolfo Sacco. The way was paved for future generationsof scholars, so that they could acknowledge that an original methodto explore the legal experience in a number of different countries had finallyseen the light and a new impetus in terms of the acceptance of the casisticand historical model was traceable. In the course of the article a particularrecognition is duly made of the original thought and cultural imprinting ofEmerico Amari and his two volumes of 1857 about the so called comparisonof different legislations. That was the starting point which, also thanks to thethe fundamental and original thinking of such great comparatists as thosementioned before, has made it possible in Italy for many prestigious schools,in this field, to flourish.
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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