Notes about urban drainage systems in the ancient Rome

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The magnificence of Roman buildings is very well-known from historical books, notes etc.. In contraposition to this, generally speaking, less is known about the majesty of Roman sewer systems in terms of structures, facilities and the very advanced as well as rudimental complexity. The Roman sewers have been over-praised. Indeed, despite their longevity, they ignored basic sanitary principles as well as design rules.The Roman Empire is in many ways the highest point of sewage management in the ancient world. Famous for public baths and latrines with quite complex engineering, Rome also excelled in the use of covered drains for stormwater and waste-sewage, with some houses directly connected to the drainage system. Water conveyance in large-scale aqueducts was another impressive accomplishment. With the Roman Empire, these technologies were introduced across large geographic parts.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012


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