Non-linear Correlation Coefficients for pushover analysis

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Aiming to put forward an improvement on Multimodal Pushover Analysis, a modified version of themodal correlation rule that takes into account the non-linear behavior of structures is proposed. The modificationis primarily based on using the correlation coefficients consistent with the mechanical and dynamical propertiesof the hysteretic oscillators utilized in the MPA method, i.e. determined taking into account the second orderstatistics pertinent to the non-linear oscillators. Initially, the new correlation coefficients are evaluated by MonteCarlo Simulations (MCS), assuming a spectrum-compatible representation of the seismic input. The results of alarge numerical parametric analysis are shown. Moreover, analytical expressions for the proposed correlationcoefficients are derived on the basis of the stochastic linearization technique. Lastly, the results provided by themodified MPA for a simple 2DOF system are compared with Non-linear Response History Analysis
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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