New Stage-Discharge Equation for the SMBF Flume

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Flumes for indirect discharge measurements are widespread and are characterized by a particular shape of the cross section areawith various degrees of convergence and subsequent divergence. The flume named Samani, Magallanez, Baiamonte, Ferro (SMBF) is asimple and inexpensive instrument and its channel contraction is obtained by applying two semicylinders to the walls of a rectangularcross section. At first, in this paper a new stage-discharge equation for the SMBF flume is theoretically deduced. Then, this equationis experimentally calibrated using the laboratory measurements from the literature for different values of the contraction ratio. Finallythe field measurements carried out at Sparacia experimental area (Sicily, South Italy) by a SMBF flume inserted into a horizontal flumeand characterized by a contraction ratio equal to 0.5, are used for testing both the new stage-discharge relationship and the one originallyproposed in the literature.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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