New records of Characeae for Sicily (Italy)

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During the last year, the first two authors continued their survey of the scarcelyknown Characeae flora of the island of Sicily: plants were collected in differentperiods, habitats and areas of the island, and identifications – made on freshmaterial – were based mainly on Mouronval et al. (2015). We had the opportunityto include here some results deriving from the visit in Sicily made by Klausvan de Weyer in March 2018. Roman Romanov identified some specimens andrevised some identifications. Data for Sicily are basically limited to more thanone hundred years old reports; data for the national Flora have been completedwith recent reports for Sardinia (cf. the work made by Ralf Becker). We presenthere the main results (in alphabetic order).1) Chara baltica Bruzelius (new for Sicily) – Collected in different seasons in thelake Preola (Nature Reserve near Mazara), where it probably colonises most ofthe lake bottom, reaching a depth of ca. 2 m. 2) C. braunii C.C. Gmel. (new forPalermo province, new population of a rare species in Italy) – Collected in thesmall mountain ponds of Rebuttone. 3) C. canescens Loisel. (new population of arare species in Italy): we found a new parthenogenetic population in the “MargiMilo” (Petrosino, Trapani province), where it grows together with C. cf. asperaWilld. 4) C. conimbrigensis A.G. Cunha (new for Sicily and Italy) – Collected inJune-July in shallow mountain ponds, in the Nebrodi Mts, at about 1400 m a.s.l.It is different from the similar C. gymnophylla A. Braun mainly for its tylacanthousstem cortex. Waiting for further studies, we provisionally treat this taxon (as wellas the following one) at the species rank. 5) C. oedophylla Feldmann (new forSicily and Italy) – Collected in mid-April in temporary ponds (in the locus classicusof Isoetes todaroana Troia & Raimondo near Mazara del Vallo). The taxon iscurrently known in few sites in W-Mediterranean. 6) Nitella capillaris (Krock.)J. Groves & Bull.-Webst. (species not recently reported for Sicily and Italy) – Collectedin the wetlands of Anguillara, near Calatafimi. 7) N. opaca (C. Agardh exBruzelius) C. Agardh (new for Sicily) – Collected in the small mountain ponds ofRebuttone (near Piana degli Albanesi) and Coda di Riccio (in the Nature Reserveof Ficuzza). 8) Tolypella salina Corill. (new for Sicily) – Collected in March ina single pond at Margi Milo near Petrosino (Klaus van de Weyer), it probablyoccurs also in other sites along the western coast of the island. - Mouronval JB, Baudouin S, Borel N, Soulié-Märsche I, Klesczewski M & GrillasP. 2015. Guide des Characées de France méditerranéenne. Office National de laChasse et Faune Sauvage, Paris. 214 p.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018


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