...Nella continuità. La didattica del progetto a Palermo architettura interni paesaggio

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[automatically translated] I have repeatedly stressed to my colleagues on the fact that the book on the teaching of the project offered an opportunity to emphasize, also among the many taxes and university reforms implemented, the continuity between the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo and the current Department of Architecture. I thought that this liaison could be with a cover that had as its theme one of the stairs of Via Maqueda Faculty, for example that of Gino Pollini, in connection with that which characterizes the building of Sciences Avenue teaching, part of the new premises of the Faculty designed in the nineties by Pasquale Culotta, Giuseppe Laudicina, Bibi Leone and Tilde Marra. Vincenzo Melluso drew up the final image of the cover, totally breaking away from what had been my cue. When I went in his room at the Department to choose between the sketches drawn by him, I noticed that these were the theme of concentric circles. The content postponed to the typical continuity of this geometrical figure and the images made harked, in a different way, at a echo without end. But between the two sketches, places to my attention, I immediately chose the one published on the cover because even interpreting the idea of continuity through the sequence of concentric circles, drew a figure that Pasquale Culotta described with a certain frequency. He loved to say about architecture, a book, a lesson, a trip, generally of an experience he regards as important that this had the same effect as a stone thrown into a pond, that is, causing the beneficial propagating waves. The flows that could orient, to influence our actions, our experience in the architecture, in some cases, also decisively the lifetime of some of us. When I mentioned to Vincent Melluso that his image had even implied manner that meaning, he replied: "it is true, the stone thrown in the pond." The memory of this made me give up willingly to my original idea because, implicitly or completely obscure to some, explicitly for others, this book reflects the experience of the teaching of architectural design, the interior and landscape, carried out in recent years in Palermo, can be thought of as one of many waves propagated by the "lesson", always there for me, Pasquale Culotta,
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