Nei Luoghi del design. Azioni e interazioni

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[automatically translated] The text contains some reflections on the definition of "place" in the definition of "Design" ambiguously identified with the term "industrial" as an essential connotation of its disciplinary nature. It is in the complex relations between the two terms: Places and Design that unfold the three sections of the volume, true reading filters or "metaphoric place" to read the complexity in which it operates design in the broadest sense of the project today : the first filter, making use of the conceptual couple, "abstract / concrete" identifies places of relationships between design strategies of their design discipline (both related to communicative artifacts that manufacturing artifacts) and the economic, social, and cultural it set in motion; Here the nature of the project that you object, thing, It is continuously placed in relation to the intangible phenomena that underlie it and in turn influenced. The second filter is assigned to the term "gaps" that identifies the border places of contemporary design, where the city and its spaces of relationship you will measure more and more with the diversity of hybrid landscapes, varied, mixed, and the multiplicity of cultures. The last filter identified in the pair "subject / object" delineates a place of actions and interactions between the thinking being (the subject) and the material and immaterial content of his thought (the object). The design places must therefore be characterized by untapped potential that the project shall demonstrate, they are the places that create opportunities of the project. Points whether mental or geographic now considered to be truly such, they must in some way, through the three coordinates that identify: identity and history reports, to be promoters of happiness must be inhabited by emotions and produce sense. In them the design makes Socratic broker meanings, needs and vocations of contemporary society where the physical structures overlap intangible information of a different nature. The design places are thus places of great potentials that are offered as project opportunities, to activate paths of meaning, of participation, of relationships, are places where things happen does not happen by chance but by choice and where the space in them is developed, be it symbolic, functional, geometric, or anthropological, helps to give quality to life of every man. You can then find these places both physical and intangible? The identification of places, which in the Santo text council are linked together by a complex network structure, non-isomorphic, a structure very similar to information models of telemematica culture in which now for more than a decade its generation moves , identify the various souls of the contemporary design for decades it does not limit its scope to the project of things, objects, abandoning them to their fate once produced. The identification of these potential sites rich call times, and action fields of design that becomes: strategic, sustainable, means of communication and service. The last chapter of the book, "the lesson of the gardens" a tribute to his teacher Pasquale Culotta, gives us the key of interpretation of its investigation, or rather "critical inspection" in design and architecture areas, where today the "occasions of the" move and seem to prefer on-board situations border and to start looking for traces useful to its understanding. The "Orti" is the metaphor of the places where the opportunities of the project occur, the "Orti", become Santo Giunta, places where design and architecture interact, whe
Original languageItalian
Publisherbiblioteca del cenide
Number of pages120
ISBN (Print)978-88-87669-58-9
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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