Near-Infrared emission of O2 embedded in amorphous SiO2 nanoparticles

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We report an experimental study on the emission properties of O2molecules loaded by a thermal diffusion process at 200 °C into high-purity silicananoparticles with mean diameters of 7 and 40 nm. The embedded O2 features a singletto triplet emission band peaked at 1272 nm in agreement with the band observed for bulksilica materials. The photoluminescence excitation spectra have been determined in the visible and in the infrared range and are characterized by narrow bands peaked at 691, 764,and 1069 nm, respectively. By comparison of the transition energies, the vibrational quanta have been determined for the ground and for both the excited states; the values found are lower than the corresponding energies reported for the O2 gaseous molecule. The singlet to triplet emission lifetime has been also evaluated and shows a value lower than that typically reported for bulk silica. Our results show that even if the main spectroscopic properties of O2 embedded in nanometric silica are analogous to those of free O2 and O2 embedded in bulk silica, the nanometric host imposes differences related to the dynamics of the electronic states.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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