Nascosti nella luce. Media,minori e Media Education

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[automatically translated] Hiding in the light, "hiding in the light." It is with this oxymoron that in 1988 Dick Hebdige defines young people and their sub-cultural practices: constantly in the spotlight, yet stubbornly opaque any attempts at cataloging within the clean and precise boundaries of the scientific treatise, journalistic editorial, the statistical report and one-dimensional approaches in general. An area much enlightened as yet clearly dark is certainly that of the relationship between media and children. This volume argues that the complexity / opacity of this relationship requires that the approach to protection / control / discipline with which usually deals with this "problem" is supported (if not properly replaced) by a mediaeducativo approach through which minors , from an early age, are enabled to self-grooming (or at least co-govern with adults) their relationship with the media, to grasp the limitations, risks, overdeterminations and at the same time the endless opportunities in terms of participation and construction of citizenship . This implies a redefinition mediacomunicativo sense in the sense mediaeducativo education and simultaneously a redefinition of the socialization process as an essential condition to decipher the identity construction processes and everyday practices of the contemporary young generations. More specifically, from an empirical research carried out in the Palermo public schools, there is discussion about what the school does and should do with respect to the Media Education, with which specific uses, such as teacher training,
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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