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[automatically translated] From what point of view to address the issue on the relationship between music and architecture, from the fact that the two disciplines (or arts) have certainly many things in common? Both they compose and represent through-marks on paper able to order the space and time by measuring the extent and / or duration. Both conceivably share a modus operandi that proceeds from concept to execution, in time and space, in fact: the music is performed in time and, in most cases, in a suitable space to correct diffusion of sound waves; the architecture is performed (builds) in time and in a space / suitable place for its implementation. Both, then, share a language, in the literal sense of the term, made of words that often take on the same meaning despite specific disciplinary differences. The article discusses the relationship between music and architecture from the examination of the relationships and differences between those existing based on the same technology that underlies it.
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Title of host publicationComposizione Musica Architettura
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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