Modifiche del codice RELAP5/MOD3.2.b per lo studio delle perdite di carico e dello scambio termico in condotti elicoidali interessati da deflussi bifase: validazione attraverso gli esperimenti effettuati dal Politecnico di Milano presso l’impianto SIET di Piacenza

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[automatically translated] The research activity carried out within the project line LP2-B.2 of the PAR program 2008-09 (CERSE III) saw a first phase in which the work done during the previous CERSE programs has been further developed [1, 2] concerning the validation of advanced plumbing and heating code Relap5 / Mod3.2.b, modified for the calculation of the pressure drop in helical tubes affected by single-phase and two-phase flows, and a second phase which involved the implementation of new procedures apply for the study of the thermal exchange in two-phase helical ducts, in addition to those relating to only single-phase heat exchange, previously implemented. Regarding the latter activity, it is thought, in fact, to deal with the modified code of the validation work, making use of the available experimental data in the future, which are still in the process of collection and development, for which in this report we will limit to show the results obtained in the simulation, carried out with the modified and unmodified code, of the load losses along a helical duct affected by two-phase flow in different conditions operating flow rate, temperature and pressure. For these efforts have resorted to an extensive experimental campaign conducted by the Department of Politecnico di Milano in the laboratories of SIET of Piacenza for teoricosperimentale investigation of various aspects of the thermo-hydraulic steam generator provided in the nuclear reactor IRIS. In addition, the modified code has been employed for the simulation of experimental data, found in the literature, regarding the single-phase heat exchange coil in heat exchangers tubes concentric with the aim of testing its ability to also treat geometries different from those already examined. The results, which appear to be comforting for the purpose of an extension of the use of the amended Code, are listed in Appendix A.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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NameCERSE-UNIPA RL 1209/2011

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