Modelling and simulation of gas-liquid hydrodynamics in mechnically stirred tanks

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Computational fuid dynamics (CFD) is an increasingly important tool for carrying outrealistic simulations of process equipment. In the case of multiphase systems the development ofCFD models is less advanced than for single-phase systems. In the present work CFD simulationsof gas–liquid stirred tanks are reported. An Eulerian–Eulerian multi-fluid approach isused in conjunction with the simplest two-phase extension of the k–1 turbulence model. Allbubbles are assumed to share the same size. The effect of inter-phase forces on simulationresults is separately considered. As concerns drag, it is shown that the sole parameterneeded to characterize the dispersed phase behaviour is bubble terminal velocity, a considerationthat eases the estimation of the relevant term in the momentum equations and helpsunderstanding the system physics. Despite the many simplifications adopted, results arefound to be in satisfactory agreement with experiment.
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