Modellazione e analisi tridimensionale dell'Agorà e della Basilica del sito archeologico di Elaiussa

Benedetto Villa, Francesco Scire', Giuseppe Anzalone, Manuela Bonta'

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    [automatically translated] This paper Describes the procedures used to generate 3D models of the Agora and the Byzantine Basilica of the Elaiussa archaeological site. The virtual reconstructions were any carried out from the excavation date of the artefacts, made available by colleagues from the Department of Historical, Archaeological and Anthropological Science of Antiquities of the Rome "La Sapienza" University. 3D modeling software was Particularly suitable to the reconstruction of These artefacts of Which only few traces remain. In order to Obtain a accurate representation blackberries, 3D models of architectural elements of special value were produced Also, as the capitals of the Agora re-employed in the Basilica and the combined second order columns of the church. The final representation was Obtained with the help of application software Particularly Aimed at the generation of rendered models. Finally, the transformation into a format suitable for visualization (VRML) Allows the user to study the various elements of the archaeological buildings in depth, navigating and querying the model to Which texts, images or other information can be linked. This way the model Becomes like a 3D homepage of a hypertext.
    Original languageItalian
    Pages (from-to)15-30
    Number of pages16
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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