Mito Memoria Identità. Ricerche storico-religiose sulla Sicilia antica

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[automatically translated] The theme of the book is the ambivalence of the relationship between memory and identity that emerges from historical-religious revolt is the oldest documentation is, with equal care, the manner and under the modern research strategies. In other words, the memory is a field that is extremely adaptable to the needs of social and cultural codes of their groups. Each practice social, economic, political and religious, contributes to "re-create" a cultural landscape, or "invent". This is the goal of the book: the study of the formation of some mythical themes and the role played by sanctuaries and cults. The assumption is the tendency of the "mythical" cultic traditions and processes to structure itself as a palimpsest of imagery codes, privileged space of identity negotiation, ethnic and / or political it is.
Original languageItalian
PublisherSalvatore Sciascia Editore
Number of pages154
ISBN (Print)978-88-8241-325-5
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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