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[automatically translated] The genus belongs to the Myrtus Mirtaceae family and includes many evergreen and fragrant ornamental species, mostly of tropical origin, not very resistant to low temperatures. The only typical of the Mediterranean species Myrtus communis L., of which there are several botanic subspecies: leucocarpa (white berries), tarentina (small leaf), microphylla (dwarf), etc. The species extends in all of the hot 'regions of West Asia, North Africa and southern Europe. In Italy it is present in the wild in south-central, especially in Sardinia, preferably grows in soils with acid or neutral reaction, particularly in granitic matrix, while suffering in the calcareous soils. The species is found in areas with altitude varying between 0-800 m above sea level
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Title of host publicationPiante officinali in Sicilia. Studio agronomico, fitochimico e farmacologico mirato alla loro valorizzazione e allo sfruttamento agro-industriale.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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