Methodological approaches for the enhancement of cultural heritage

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The subject of this essay starts by considering how, in many cases, artificial lighting outlines such as finding an “impalpable material” which helps to understand and enhance the ancient contexts. In general, it was demonstrated that, combining innovative technologies, light can be used to change the world, to shape cities, as well as architecture and space in general. Light can turn into concrete matterboth in interiors, in archaeological and urban spaces. There is thepossibility to obtain a recovery of memory and identity of a city, inorder to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the results. Startingwith an overview of experimental research methodology it is possibleto define and improve the built environment, either ancient and contemporary.Nowadays, we recognize the need for a renewed commitmentto the questions posed by the contemporary city to imagine newconstructability scenarios which pay attention to energy efficiency.Our century is characterized by uncertainty of a design approachesthat lead different areas of the “buildable space”, then the strategicrole of technological innovation is that of changing this mental attitude,maintaining the world we live in.
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Number of pages50
ISBN (Print)978-88-548-5542-7
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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