Metafisica e teologia: un passo indietro

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In the understanding of metaphysics from its origins woth the Greeks, Heidegger's onto-theological paradigm plays a central role. His position can help to discuss the relationship between metaphysics and theology too, because it shows how and why at its birth and in its development metaphysics was structurally connected with theology, where within theology it is necessary to think notonly and specifically about confessional theology but about rational theology too. While one part of philosophical thought after Heidegger follows Heidegger's proposal to overcome metaphysics (Marion, Westphal), antoher part declares the need for a critical revision of the onto-theological paradigm (Courtine, Boulnois). In this way the question about the relationship between metaphysics and theology once again becomes extremely topical. Therefore it is important to go back to the origin of metaphysics with Aristotle in order to evaluate the plausibility of Heidegger's understanding of metaphysics and to realize that the Aristotelian conception of prote philosophia is a significant moment of reflection about the connection between and the reciprocal inclusion of metaphysics and theology.
Original languageItalian
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VolumeMetafisica e teologia
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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