Metabolic syndrome

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OSA is a common disorder with major cardiovascular and metabolic consequences. OSA isoften associated with metabolic syndrome, a cluster of cardiometabolic risk factors, andprevalence of metabolic syndrome is particularly high in OSA patients. The role of obesity asa risk factor for OSA has been shown in population and clinical studies, and increasedadipose tissue volume and neck circumference are closely linked with OSA, even thoughmajor sex-related differences exist. Besides OSA treatment, cardiometabolic risk factorsshould be assessed and possibly corrected in all OSA patients in order to reduce adverseevents. Occurrence of metabolic syndrome should be investigated, and modifiable risk factorsaggressively treated especially in obese patients. Improvement of the metabolic state afterOSA treatment with CPAP has been reported by some but not all studies, suggesting theneed to treat additional cardiometabolic disorders and adopt strategies aimed at reducingbody weight in OSA patients.
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


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