Matrici Meridiane. Strumenti di georeferenziazione e visioni per il futuro delle regioni mediterranee nella selezione degli indicatori territoriali. Progetto Otremed - Programma Med

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OTREMED (Tool for the territorial strategy of the MED space)project aims at developing methodological tools at regional level toenhance the decision making process in terms of territorialcompetitiveness and planning. Financed by the MED program fortwo years, this project joins together 13 partners, almost all of thembeing regional authorities: Region of Murcia (project leader),Generalitat Valenciana, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenianacademy of sciences and arts, Region Emilia Romagna, Region Sicily,Piedmont Region, MMLAB Ð Laboratory for Graphics, Multimedia &GIS Ð University of Patras; Agenzia regionale per lo sviluppo inagricoltura, LAORE Sardegna, Mediterranean Institute. TheOtremed partnership is based on a network of regions andinstitutions that have already worked and collaborated together forseveral years. Past territorial cooperation projects in theMediterranean, and more precisely the PIC-RM project, gave birthto several new projects. Otremed is one of them and demonstratesthe ability to capitalize on a project results and the continuity ofcooperation relationships in the Med space.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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