Materials recovery from WEEE: current situation in Sicily.

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The potential recovery of materials and energy in one year in Italy and in Sicily was estimated assuming that all WEEEs were gathered through the collection – treatment – disposal system implemented according to the rules in force. The embodied energy (EE) recovery associated to material recovery was also estimated, starting from standard values of EE and from yields declared for each component. Mass fractions composition for some categories of WEEE given by a facility in Catania agree with the national averages. Starting from data given by another facility - located in Siracusa - which processes all the five R categories (R1 to R5), potential mass and energy recovery was estimated for this plant. The results compared with national estimates lead to the conclusion that currently this plant contributes by 6% as mass and by 5% for EE recovery. National figures for potential energy recovery from WEEE shows that 10 670 GWh could be theoretically recovered, that is as much as the energy used for civil needs in Italy by two millions people / yr.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages232
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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