Marketing strategies for Mediterranean wineries competitiveness: the case of Pantelleria

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Pantelleria is the largest of the Sicilian satellite islands. Its economy, after tourism, is based on farming. The main crop is the “Zibibbo” grape, from which it is obtained “Passito” and “Moscato di Pantelleria”, both sweet fortified wines. The aim of this study was to analyze the possible marketing strategies in order to boost the competitiveness of the Pantellian wine sector that produce a controlled designation of origin product. Besides, through an appropriate survey, we studied the organizational models of Pantellian wineries. In addition, through SWOT analysis, we spelled out the main factors of specificity of Pantellian wine chain to promote appropriate individual and collective company marketing strategies. The study, therefore, aims to highlight what may be the company strategies to acquire a competitive advantage, which is defensible in the new economic environments due to globalization of markets.
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