Maredolce: una centralità nuova nella porta meridionale di Palermo

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[automatically translated] Cultural goods are the real wealth of every territory and in particular of the historic city an integral part of the historical and documentary identity and representing a key reading of the social reality in which they are integrated, other than purely cultural to economic and promoting development total land. Around them you can build tourism and productive activities, in compliance with the compatibility of contexts and from the mutual action and learning pedagogical reflection about the values in the urban game. In Palermo - Brancaccio in this regard, much has been done already in the know, to make known and protect the cultural heritage that we have inherited, to enhance it, enjoying it and doing it consciously perceive civilizational heritage. The action of strong awareness made on land has led to a high level of awareness of the actions to be taken to restore the potential development area. The aim is to act in the ordinary of the minutes of citizenship knowledge to animate and share awareness of the possibility of the Brancaccio neighborhood development, known only as the heart of the Mafia in Palermo button, future prospecting desirable as sustainable use of the cultural heritage and environmental. The contribution contains a brief reconstruction of main urban transformation of the urban fabric and the work done by ' University of Palermo to animate the citizen participation through schools towards building a shared vision of the main perceived needs of different categories of residents and operators. the distinctive features of the urban landscape in an attempt to trace the possible semantic structures have been identified to enhance the quality of living present in a quantity and unexpected quality.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationMaredolce: studiare il territorio di Maredolce/Brancaccio e valorizzarlo come distretto culturale e turistico.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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