Luoghi e non luoghi dell'abuso

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[automatically translated] The research focuses on the construction of the abuse action scenarios deepening the technological aspects of their architectural discipline: the knowledge of the forms and types of abuse, in search of methodologies and strategies for the redevelopment, to prevention and recovery methods for the management of built. The theme of the abuse and improper use of the built environment, is treated in the awareness that the appropriate responses in terms of construction and environmental quality for a sustainable recovery. The contribution is published in the volume of the International Conference Proceedings SCENARIOS OF ILLEGAL STRATEGIES OF DWELLING BUILDING AND RECOVERY TOWN, (vol.1, pp.1-514) carried out within the research project APRAE "analysis, prevention and recovery of ' illegal building", of which the author is the Coordinator and Scientific Manager. The conference, whose Scientific Committee is composed of high national and international academic authorities, was organized by the same author in order to operate an interdisciplinary scientific debate on the issue and the unauthorized building to the recovery strategies. The book, written in English and Italian, is an original collection of project interventions and research, performed in prestigious national and international universities. Among the topics covered: general reflections on the building regulations; local expertise and culture of legality; illegal building in the historic centers, in suburbs, in the abandoned areas; dynamic transformation, enhancement and protection of the territory; the management of sustainable development; the urbanization processes, integration, coexistence and security; territorial responsibility, architectural and technological, for a project at all scales of intervention.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSCENARI DELL'ABITARE ABUSIVO Strategie per l'intervento di recupero
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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