Lungo le Mura del Cassaro di Palermo.Studi e rilievi architettonici e proposte per il turismo culturale

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What we propose is an investigation along the perimeter circuit of the primitive city walls of Palermo, the so-called "Cassaro" or "Phoenician Foot". It is the oldest urban fortification in the city, maintained until the Islamic domination; in the IX-X century the Muslims operated the first external expansion, endowing the new quarters with a second boundary line, lighter but wider than the previous one. This second route was strengthened by the Normans and then reinforced, reshaped and bastioned in the sixteenth century: it is the perimeter that defines and identifies the Historic Center of Palermo even today, even if the circuit is legible only for pieces and only a few bastions, on the whole, they remained from the progressive dismantling of the following centuries. The oldest wall, Punic-Roman and then Arab, has also disappeared, and was incorporated into the buildings of the fourteenth-fifteenth century: it also emerges at times in sight, or it remains as a foundation structure of some palaces built on it. Some of its gates and towers have also been swallowed up by the palatial architecture that took over the route.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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