Lo sviluppo rurale tra qualità agroalimentare e ambiente

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The demand to the agriculture sector of products ever more diversified and with ever greater contents of quality, as well as the growing attention for health, environmental and ethicalcontent has led to synergistic and enhancement actions between the various functions of agriculture and in particular between the environment and rural development.This can be transformed into a competitive advantage when it becomes a strategy to diversify the business activities, and determine a reallocation of production factors on agriculturalproduction in favor of environmental and social functions that allow to generate additional incomes.Because business success goes hand in hand with that of the territory, is necessary an active involvement of enterprises in the fortunes oflocal development, with the creation of nodes of cooperation between different actors of the local economy, in order to develop the territory.Among the different types of relationships that firms may have with other actors of the local economy and system of institutions, partnerships seem to be the most appropriateto facilitate the strengthening of local economic systems; in fact they produces positive effects in terms of promoting of the local culture that can be intended as a special “relational goods”.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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