Lo stato dell’ambiente marino nell’area del Canale di Sicilia in prossimità del SIN di Gela.

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[automatically translated] Is shown in this note the current condition in which is the state of the marine environment in the Sicily channel immediately behind the merdionale of the Sicilian coast from the Gulf of Gela to the typical Mediterranean cuisine. The state of the environment in the subject is evaluated based on the distribution of certain trace metals generally considered among the most significant for the intended purposes, examined along the water column and in the surface sediments of the seabed. The results also illustrated through multivariate statistical survey, indicate a surface enrichment of the water column lanthanum which may be attributed both to an origin litogenica, how to anthropogenic inputs. In sediments to the natural grouping of trace elements in trace amounts based on behavioral similarities geochemical character escapes Ni showing that they come from a different source for which you can not exclude the anthropogenic nature. This hypothesis of human settlement outcomes finds comfort in comparisons conducted with the chemistry of atmospheric particulate matter derived from literature data.
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JournalEpidemiologia e prevenzione
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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